National Sweetest Day is HERE! So is 30% off!

I have been talking about National Sweetest Day all week.  I know, it is an obscure holiday to be sure.... but just take a minute and think about it.  It is a perfect chance for you to show someone you care for, that you are thinking of them!  

Have you been surviving in 2020?  Is that all you can say you have managed to do? We are experiencing something we couldn't forsee... nor could we prepare ourselves for.  Personally, I am not ready for the Winter months to come again.  I usually "recharge" during the Summer and Fall so that those dark months are alight with wonderful memories made the previous Summer and Fall.  This year has been full of strife, worry and concern for all of us.  

A few weeks ago, I received a small package in the mail from a friend in California. For no reason, she saw a little trinket in a store and thought of me.  She grabbed it right up and tossed it in the mail.  Every time I look a that little thing, it brings a smile to my face and gratitude in my heart.  All because someone thought of me and acted upon that thought.

So here is how I can help you. Everything in my store would make a wonderful gift. Both for you and your friend, sister, partner or other significant person.  You buy two.  I ship you one.  I ship the other one to your friend, as a gift and I Pay the Shipping.  Easy Peasy. Plus, you get a discount code from Heaven!

SWEETEST30 will give you 30% off your entire order!

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