Why are we here?

I am just starting this blog... I've never blogged before.  Bear with me.

We are just starting our business and are learning the ropes of E-Commerce.  Let me just say, we are loving the challenge.  

Let me share with you our story.

We have been married since 1992. We have been blessed with two children.  Our son, Vosco is 26 and our daughter, Ruby is 20.  We honestly don't know where the years have gone.  Our son married in 2018 to a beautiful woman, Leslie Trujillo. 

We have decided on this business venture because it just feels right. We want to build a business that will give us the latitude to give freely to others.  As we look at our world around us we see the growing need to help beyond what Public Services can provide for God's children.  We want to be instruments in his hand.  Until we are well established, 10% of every dollar earned will be donated to charity.  That percentage will grow as we grow.  

Now... to the products we offer.  We want to create an online world where you can find things of substance to improve your lives.  Jewelry for reminding us of our beauty.  Kitchen items, like our Charcuterie Board, to gather family and friends in love.  Home Decor that will bring a smile to your face every time you see it!  

Please, join us in creating a better world and know that every dollar spent is helping someone have a meal, clothes on their backs or a roof over their heads.

Thanks for everything and for giving us the freedom to serve.

Edye and Reed


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